Event spaces

The left wing
The Millstone Room, the Granary Room, the portico, the Hay-Barn Room

The left wing contains two large rooms: the Millstone Room on the ground floor, with bathroom and the Granary room on the first floor, also with bathroom.

The Millstone Room boasts the original 16th century beams; it measures 120mq and is ideal for events for up to 80 people seated at table. The Granary Room on the first floor has the original 16th century trusses and measures 150mq, with a capacity of 105 people (seated at table). An internal staircase connects the two rooms.

The central light-filled portico creates perfect balance between the two wings.

The Hay-Barn Room in the right wing of the building is the third room on the ground floor of the Barchessa; measuring 60mq, it can accommodate up to 50 people. It leads on to the garden through three arched doorways which can be opened completely. This is an ideal space for pre-event cocktails.

These are dreamy and exquisite spaces for your celebration: weddings, anniversaries, gala dinners, birthdays, graduations, professional meetings and reunions. The vast green space in front of the Barchessa can be fitted out with elegant gazebos or large umbrellas and accommodates up to 250/300 people.

We can organize high-quality catering with tailor-made menus and source professional DJ’s. The villa is yours, exclusively, for events involving 100 people or more.