The park

The park and its surroundings

A long driveway lined with different coloured roses and jasmine greets you , leading you to the portico of the villa with its stunning, verdant, panoramic view.

The villa is exquisitely located in the heart of a two-acre park, home to precious trees of all varieties, including fruit trees, and flowering shrubs: rosebushes, magnolias and jasmine. An oasis, instilling peace and tranquillity.

Ping-pong table available. Statuettes of 18th Century putti decorate the garden and the “lighting effects” under the trees set the scene for your evenings.

Mulinoantico is located on the banks of the River Dese, which once drove the mill’s waterwheel (still here). There is a vast green area where you can play football or bowls with your children and friends.

Or take leisurely, relaxing walks around the park to unwind and restore your well-being.